Maybe it’s buying the fancy coffee of the person behind you at the drive-thru coffee shack. Or sweeping the snow off a stranger’s windshield. Or sidewalk. Or carrying someone’s groceries to their car while chatting about the weather. Leaving flowers on an unsuspecting friend’s doorstep to brighten their day. Mowing your neighbor’s lawn. Baking cookies for your local police department. Tipping your hard working waitress, hair dresser or babysitter a little extra.

My friend SuperDave thought of the idea (brilliant!) and Heather Manor, owner and designer of Oh How Lovely, created the perfect way to track good deeds as they travel around: A card.

The idea was born over beers as Dave explained to me that while he tried to do a good deed by buying the meal of the car behind him at McDonald’s, he confused the recipient who didn’t understand why she didn’t have to pay for her Big Mac.

The solution: When you do a good deed, leave a card. Anonymously or with a smile. You choose. Then tell me about it.

Cards coming soon!  Here is a sneak peek.

And the back.