Dec 14 Wednesday

Let me spell this out for you…

T-H-I-S I-S A-N A-M-A-Z-I-N-G G-I-F-T T-O G-I-V-E!

I was lucky enough to stumble upon this Iowa artist, SquareWear, at a holiday market and instantly fell under the spell of Crystal’s custom creations.

The next day I emailed her family photos of my own, had her create a custom stretch bracelet out of my parents’ last name in Scrabbleā„¢ tiles and within one week, I was holding my favorite gift of the season.

My mom is the recipient of this beauty. A bracelet filled with precious moments.

The best part, it cost me just around $30.

Ready. Set. GO!


  • Posted By: Molly

    Katy! LOVE this! One because I love handmade gifts, Two because I love scrabble and three because it is so personalized and thoughtful! Lucky mama Gordon! Now what does the inside letters spell out? is it GORDONS? Happy Holidays!

  • Posted By: erin

    i ordered one of these for my mom for her birthday next month, just got it last night and am super excited to give it to her!!! thanks for the idea!

  • Posted By: Hillary

    Thanks for posting this!! I’ve been meaning to ask you who the seller was. I so loved the bracelet you had & thought I need to get some for myself & my family! :)