Oct 19 Wednesday

Boy Troubles

I happen to know the mom and pop of this delicious three year old little girl.

Sydney, age 3, was less than happy when Austin, a boy in her class, wouldn’t wait and walk on the “rock wall” with her outside her preschool. He walked the wall and jumped off the end of it without waiting for her…Against his promise to her.

The emotional reaction that ensued tickled my funny bone and warmed my heart. “But I love Austin VERY VERY much!”

Pay attention boys. This beautiful little half pint means business.

  • Posted By: Danielle Liska

    OMG seriously I loved this so much. :) She is going to be a handful in high school… xox

  • Posted By: Angela B

    OMgoodness! I love it. You know, this is very valuable footage in the event there is a matrimony between Sydney and this Austin boy! :) Oy-vey!

  • Posted By: Sara

    Ahhh, coming to my favorite blog and seeing my little drama queen featured at her finest. Nothing better! asdfjkl; xoxo

  • Posted By: Hillary

    This makes me sad for her… and laugh. I love the “why do you have your phone up?” What a sweetie! Hopefully Austin has seen the light by now! :)

  • Posted By: Zavrina

    Your answer shows real inlneligetce.