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Oct 27 Thursday

Opa! Hummus Plate

My neighbor can parent three children, file court documents, pour a fantastic margarita, bake bran muffins, design and create a Halloween costume from scratch, simultaneously with one arm behind her back.

Oh and she makes the most amazing little plate of goodness I’ve ever had the pleasure of dipping a pita chip into.

Bonus: It’s pretty. It’s (almost) too pretty to eat. Almost.

MK spreads hummus on a plate, tops with chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions (optional), feta and kalamata olives. She serves it with pita chips and let me tell you, it’s goooooooood. I recently spent the better part of an hour hunched over the plate, nibbling and raving about how amazing it was. I won’t tell you that when I ran out of pita chips, I ate it with my fingers. Because that would be disgusting.

It would be great served as a light lunch, appetizer or to impress your friends with a bottle of wine.

And it’s so easy, I bet you could make it with one hand behind your back too.

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Oct 25 Tuesday

All I could think was “It’s huge.”

Nothing screams “A 7 year old boy lives here!” louder than a giant drawing like this on your driveway.

I literally stumbled upon it today.

It’s been there since Saturday.

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Oct 24 Monday

I’m obsessed with…

Velcroing things to my walls.

I have, on two separate occasions, taken a dry wall screw, a hammer, a heavy piece of art work and ruined a wall. (If you realize what that combination means, you just cringed. If you don’t know what that means, welcome to my world before taking the first whap…The first time.)

True story.

It’s really no surprise, I lack patience.  When I want something done, I want it done NOW. And if “now” means during nap time when I get a wild hair up my ass, then so be it.

Thankfully, for the health of SuperHub’s heart, I’ve learned over the years to respect dry wall. And plaster. And heavy frames.

Enter 3M Picture Hanging Command Strips.

I happened upon these tiny Velcro™ wonders while attempting to hang a holiday wreath once upon a time. I was skeptical that glorified plastic teeth could support wall art, frames and the horribly gawdy glass beaded wreath I insisted on hanging on the front of our house.

But they did.

And I learned.

When we moved, I did an entire photo wall going up my staircase in one afternoon. No nail holes meant a giddy hubby and I can change my mind whenever the wild hair returns.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a beautiful piece of art work that reminded me so much of my dad, I wept. Then I bought it.

This morning, after too much coffee, I hung it in three minutes.


And this is how I did it: Open, separate, pair-up, peel, stick, peel, level, push.

No hammer (or dry wall screw) required.

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Oct 19 Wednesday

Boy Troubles

I happen to know the mom and pop of this delicious three year old little girl.

Sydney, age 3, was less than happy when Austin, a boy in her class, wouldn’t wait and walk on the “rock wall” with her outside her preschool. He walked the wall and jumped off the end of it without waiting for her…Against his promise to her.

The emotional reaction that ensued tickled my funny bone and warmed my heart. “But I love Austin VERY VERY much!”

Pay attention boys. This beautiful little half pint means business.

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