Sep 06 Tuesday

World’s Finest Brownies

Every year, my kids sell World’s Finest Chocolate to raise money for their school. We love our school. And we love chocolate. These two things pair well together in this instance.

Earlier this year, I heard a rumor about the caramel filled candy bars being used in brownies. IN BROWNIES. So it should not surprise you in the slightest that as soon as we tore open our chocolate cases, I snagged three caramel bars and sprinted to the kitchen. Or the bathroom and locked the door for a quiet snack, but I digress.

Note to You: I have had some ridiculously amazing brownies in my life. All of which, have been made by other people. This pan of ooey gooey caramely goodness is a strong contender for the best pan of cellulite-inducing calories ever. Forever and ever, amen.

You will need:

2 Brownie mixes (oil, eggs and water as directed on package)
3 World’s Finest Chocolate caramel filled candy bars (or Caramello chocolate bars)
1 Cup Self Restraint – My local grocer was all out so when I accidentally fell face first in the pan, I had to eat my way out. This ingredient is optional.

Mix one brownie mix, as directed on package, and pour into a well greased 9 x 13 pan. Break the caramel candy bar into pieces and strategically place on top of the brownie batter. Mix another entire brownie mix, as directed on the package. Gently pour the second batter batch over the first. Spread to cover chocolate pieces and pop into a 350 degree oven for 40-45 minutes. Cool completely before slicing. This is nearly impossible.

The thing about these itty bits of goodness, is that all guilt is erased by the fact that you’re doing a good deed by supporting your local schools. You’re doing something GOOD for others by making these brownies. And eating them.

  • Posted By: Kellie

    nom nom nom! I want to go to the store right now and get some caramello’s and brownie mix!!!

  • Posted By: Danielle Liska

    Seriously?? It’s like every time I look, you have these fabulous little recipes popping out from your blog. Wedding goal weight be damned – I’m making brownies today!!!!

  • Posted By: Katie

    WOW!!! That’s all…WOW!

  • Posted By: Hillary

    Oh my gooey goodness!! Sign me up for 3 boxes right now! :)

  • Posted By: Emily

    I hope you don’t mind, but after those pics, I plan on giving Maddy at least one snack day a week:)

  • Posted By: nett

    YAY!!!! Happiness! Rainbows & Unicorns!! And chocolate! :)

  • Posted By: Jenni

    I want!!!

  • Posted By: Amy

    I had to laugh at your digress….since I have, on MANY occassion, stashed cookies/brownies/candy in my pocket or up my sleeve and quietly slipped into the bathroom, locked the door and had a blissful snack all to myself. It is good to know others do that as well. PS…..these look delicious!

  • Posted By: SuperHub

    FYI: These are terrible. If you make them, please bring them to my house where I will appropriately dispose of them.

    That is all.

  • Posted By: Sara In the MN

    LMAO – SuperHub: Now I must make them. Can’t pass up an endorsement such as that one. Thanks Katy for another winner!

  • Posted By: Helen Glisson

    Don’t we need caramels on top, or would that cause too much restraint??

  • Posted By: MommyMishmash

    Helen – That would be AMAZING! :) I like the way you think!

  • Posted By: Lexine

    You cold’nut pay me to ignore these posts!

  • Posted By: LaTonya

    Nice….but if only my bars were that big. My son’s football team sold the $1 bars and their half this size. I’ll still be making these!!