Sep 26 Monday

Hello! My name is Flo.

We got a new puppy about a month ago.  Her name is Flo, she is a labradoodle and she makes me talk in itty bitty little voices, ohyesshedoes! We got her for many reasons, but first and foremost because she makes mama happy.

To put it mildly, I love my dogs. Love. Kiss their tummies, snuggle in bed every night, buy-ridiculous-Halloween-costumes-for-them kind of puppy love.

Flo, and my 3 year old two-legged child Sam, are both potty training. By that I mean both are learning to pee in the yard. Usually in front of random strangers passing by. Nope. Not kidding.

While looking for matching name tags for our other doodle dog (Sophia Petunia) and Flo, I sniffed out a new store that instantly made my tail wag.

Sofa City Sweethearts, based in Gulfport, Mississippi makes these amazing pet ID tags. And neckties. And pet bow ties.

These tags are great for pets or as a kicky little key-chain for the human variety. Just list your cell phone number on your tag, in case you lose your keys.

At less than $10 a pop, now in the time to get a jump start on your holiday shopping. For you or your favorite four legged friend.


I love these SO much, I want you to have one too. So let’s give one away, shall we? Enter a comment below, with the name and description of your favorite pet, and you could be the lucky recipient of a customized tag, compliments of me, from Sofa City Sweethearts!

Comment entries are limited to one, per email address. Facebook and Twitter entries are limited to one, per registered username. Three modes of entry allow for a maximum of three entries per person. Entries will be accepted until 12 pm Friday September, 30, 2011. One lucky winner will be drawn, using, and notified by email on, or after, Saturday October 1, 2011.

Sit Ubu, sit. Good dog. ruff

  • Posted By: Hillary

    Yay giveaway!!!

    My favorite pet…that’s a tough one. But the one I will go with is Kimmy. She was my shih tzu we got when I was 11 years old. She passed 10 years ago, I was 24. She was there for me through many difficult times and even though she couldn’t talk, she knew just when to come find you and give a kiss or snuggle. She knew what I needed and when…she just knew. Never had a dog like that since, will consider myself infinitely lucky if I ever do again.
    Now we have another shih tzu, Charlie. He’s 8 months old. He and my daughter formed an immediate bond. And I am hoping he’ll be there for her in times where talking to your parents just isn’t cool.

  • Posted By: Dora B

    My favorite was Kobe, a lab/Sharpei mix, but she passed away a few years ago. We love our curent doggie that was left in our driveway about 5 years ago. Her name is Scooby. She has 6 toes on paw and is a lover. No clue what kind of dog she is except a great one. She loves our kids and is great with them even with all the torture that a 5.5 and a 2 year old can come up:)

  • Posted By: Heather

    These are such fun name tags! Only problem is Clyde Mathews “Prince Humphries” Garrison is very particular about his tag (so I’m not entering the contest) and will only wear a UW Badger one ;) Enjoy the new puppy! Cute. Cute. Cute!

  • Posted By: Jessica Smith

    My favorite pet is my 11 year old daughter’s doggie, Rambo. Rambo used to be MY dog. Until she stole him. Now they are BFFs and they go everywhere together. They sleep in the same bed, she saves her allowance to buy him clothes and treats (most recent are his new halloween pajamas). He is a 6 year old Jack Russell-Yorkie mix. I love him because he is truly my daughter’s best friend. He sleeps in late with her, looks for her when she is gone and cries when she leaves. Even when she has a “rough day” in the drama filled world of 6th grade girls, he adores her and for this, I adore him.

  • Posted By: Ann

    Gracie – our first dog. She is a pound puppy – maybe a lab/Sheppard mix. She is our protector, our vacuum/mop, eliminator of rabbits in the backyard, hunting companion, beauty parlor customer, Dr. Phil of all feelings, and step for the kids to get up on the couch. She knows when you need her and follows you around and sits with/by you until she thinks you are better. Sometimes a look from her is all you need to smile/laugh and make the day better.

  • Posted By: Adele

    Rufus! He is a 9 year old bulldog who farts a lot but loves me more.

  • Posted By: Camie

    We just got our first indoor family pet. Her name is Bella and she is a 15week old Cavachon. (cavalier king charles/bichon mix. She is full of energy and fits in well with our family. She is such a happy puppy- just needs a little more work on potty trainging though. My oldest daughter who is 10 1/2 seems to have the best relationship with her! Was so happy to read this post cuz I had just been thinking that we don’t have any tags for her yet!!! Great timing

  • Posted By: Anne

    Willy – my very first dog.

  • Posted By: Danielle Liska

    My favorite dog was my childhood puppy: Clifford. He was the most gentle, sweet and protective pooch in the world. He was my best bud for sixteen years and I miss him every day.

    We are finally bringing a new pooch into the house: Puck is a Weiaraner that will be born on Oct 31 and come home the first week in January!

  • Posted By: Molly

    I would say Babe, my parent’s current Black Lab. I got to pick her name and drive half way across the midwest to get her. She is mostly a sweet dog; but what I love most is she LOVES my girls as much as they LOVE her!

    Side note: What movie is it they say Sofa City Sweetheart? 16 Candles? At any rate, funny name for a store!

  • Posted By: anna

    Jack, the Jackerdoodle, (sometimes confused as a sweet baby boy) is the best pet/nephew anyone could ever ask for. I hear he is days away from crawling, so is really in dire need to an ID tag.

  • Posted By: Jill

    Flo is adorable! I just wanna pick her up and love her!

    My gal is Fabulous Princess Maisy Lick-A-Lot, we call her Maisy…and I Luff her! She’s a yorkie.

  • Posted By: Tracy

    For sure Miss Ella our Chocolate Lab. Any dog that will let a 3 year old dress them up in necklaces and bracelets and put clips in their fur is a keeper for sure!

  • Posted By: Kayla

    We have a 7 year old blue merle Great Dane by the name of Princess Gretta Goo Lalor. She is incredible with our 17 month old son, who thinks it’s ok to crawl all over her and sit on her back. She calmly lets him do this. Such a good dog.

  • Posted By: Amy VanEpps

    My beautiful golden girl Maggie. She brightens my days and nights. She patiently listens to stories about my day, just like my momma used to do. She loves me unconditionally, just like my momma did. She also knows exactly what I need, most of the time before I even know. She is a golden pile of love! Congrats on your new addition..”

  • Posted By: Katy

    Congratulations…ANN! You and Gracie are the proud winners of a new pet id tag! I will message you with further details! Congrats and thank you!

    To everyone: Thank you all for sharing and entering! It is so fun to read about furry friends and some not-so furry ones too! You all brought a smile to my face!