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Mar 22 Tuesday

Nelly Frittatas

As I have mentioned, a time or two before, we are moving.

In this process, Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard becomes rather bare. We are currently being sustained by super easy meals, string cheese and more take out than I will ever admit to.

Oh yes, and eggs from my friend Angie’s organic goat farm.

Related: Brown Town LOVES brinner.

My favorite brinner addition is a concoction of simple little egg bites that we affectionately refer to as Nelly Frittatas. Add the fact that they are cheap, easy and can be whipped up in less than 15 minutes and they magically seem to taste even better.

You literally need a mini muffin pan and three things as your base: Eggs, milk (or water) and cheese.

From there, you can get creative.

When I had no kids, and threw exceptional brunch style gatherings, I would sprinkle in all kinds of spendy sharp white cheddar cheeses and fresh chopped veggies. Now I feel fancy if I throw in some rinsed black beans, corn and top with a tablespoon of salsa.


Seriously. These bad boys are delicious. Make them in the morning and reheat them at dinner. Or snack on them cold.

To make 24(ish) Nelly Frittatas you will need:

8 eggs
1/2  Cup of milk
1-2 Cups of shredded cheese

Meat – I had some turkey ham on hand that was begging to be put to good use. I coarsely chop it and drop a piece, or two, into each mini muffin tin.

Veggies – Corn, spinach, peppers, onions…There is no wrong here!

Herbs – Chopped chives add a pop of freshness and tons of flavor.

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Generously grease mini muffin tin with butter or cooking spray. Be very, very generous. I put my mini muffin pans directly on a cookie sheet. The wire racks in my oven beg for disaster when it comes to raw eggs and my clutzy nature.

Sprinkle cheese and desired veggies  into each opening of your pan. Beat eggs with milk, mixing well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Carefully pour the egg mixture into each tin, careful not to overfill. It’s OK if you do. These don’t have to be pretty to taste good.

Place in your preheated oven and bake for 8-14 minutes, yes that is a wide range. Better overdone than underdone. Cooking time depends on the size of your muffin pan and the amount of egg in each opening. You will easily see when they are done.

When cooked through, use a small spatula or spoon to gently pull the frittata edges from the sides of each opening. Carefully remove and place on serving tray.

Whip up some buttered toast and serve with fresh fruit or cold applesauce for a well balanced (and uber quick) meal.

Ease factor: Nearly impossible to screw up

And the jury says: Can I have more?

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Mar 18 Friday

His and Hers. Or Hers and His?

I would love to tell you that this is the first time, in the 14 years SuperHub and I have been together, that we have had this conversation.

But no. It’s not.

Clearly we don’t brush our teeth at the same time.

Go ahead and file this into: GROSS

“Wait. My toothbrush is wet. Why? Mine is the blue one, right?”

SuperHub: “No, MY toothbrush is the blue one and has been for the last 2 months.”

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Mar 14 Monday

Fortune cookie

We had delivery Chinese dinner over the weekend. My kids love it because they get to eat with their own chopsticks. I love it because crab meat rangoon. Anytime you fry something that contains cream cheese, I purr.

As SuperHub and I were “testing” the dishes and filling plates at the counter, Sam grabbed a fortune cookie and started asking for it.

“Mom! MOM. MOOOOM. Can I have dis? PWEEZE! Pweeze MOMMY! Mom? DAD! Dad? DAAAAD! Can I pweeze have dis?”

Because she is a 3rd child, and she did say pweeze, I opened the cookie for her.

I kid you not, this was her fortune. Fitting, no?

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Mar 09 Wednesday

Moments in Parenting: Take Forty-Three

We are moving. It’s a stressful, albeit exciting, time for our family and there are many things we need to do to prepare our new house for Brown Town to arrive.

The #1 priority: Install a wash machine and dryer.

Yesterday, SuperHub and I packed up the tater tots that were home and headed out to a local appliance store to find something suitable.

Thankfully, the staff of this particular store was (extremely) patient, kind and receptive to three footers. One employee took time to engage the girls while we priced out options.

Related: Sammy is 2 years old. You can understand about 60% of the words coming out of her mouth on a regular basis. And she has a New Jersey accent.

In a store wide moment of silence, Sam looked this poor guy square in the eyes and asked “Do YOU have a BAH-GINA?”

Loudly and clear as a bell.

Oh yes she did.

SuperHub and I cringed and exchanged a look that said “Sold!”

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