Oct 26 Tuesday

Favorite Things, Rosy Rings!

I often say, this is my favorite meal. That was my favorite song. You’re my favorite husband. Many of my favorites rotate with my mood, the season or what color underbirtches I happen to be wearing.

Except the husband, of course.

There are a few things that are actually my very most positively favorite of all time ever, forever, I swear.

And this holiday season, I am going to tell you about them.

One at a time.

On this chilly fall evening, it’s my Rosy Rings candle.

It’s my third Rosy Rings candle in six years and it makes me incredibly happy. My current botanical concoction gives off hints of patchouli and amber. Lighting it for a couple hours, is my favorite way to end each day. Admittedly, I love my current candle. I also LOVE the Spicy Apple flavor I had previously. It inspires the throw-your-hands-up-in-the-air-and-do-a-jig reaction.

A family member once borrowed mine for a party. BORROWED MY CANDLE. It’s that good.

Upon lighting, your whole house is filled with a delicate balance of organic aromas. Nothing perfumey or over powering. Just pleasant little greetings to your olfactory system. It warms your spirit as much as your soul.

While these candles are a bit of an investment, they are worth every last cent. Add in the fact that each candle is handmade, in the USA, and I would eat a piece of string cheese for lunch for an entire month to buy one. Seriously.

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My loyal readers. One of YOU are going to receive a beautiful 200 hour burn time Spicy Apple Botanical Candle. “The classic combination of apple slices, cinnamon and bay leaves is our all-time best seller. The fragrance is crisp red delicious apple, freshly ground cinnamon and clove. It’s tempting to eat the wax. Please don’t.”

Enter two ways:

1) Leave your comment below and tell me what your favorite relaxation ritual is at the end of the day.

2) Post a comment telling me your favorite relaxation ritual on MommyMishmash’s Facebook wall. (Search MommyMishmash, one word.)

Enter one time, per mode of entry, per person. Contest ends Friday October 29, 2010 at 12:00 pm CST. Spread the light my friends. Good luck!

  • Posted By: Lori Seydel

    I like to relax at the end of the day after the hubby and kids are in bed. I like to sit down and watch a movie. Have me time since Im with kiddos all day, everyday. Helps me to relax and do what I want to do in quite!

  • Posted By: Ashley Burchert

    My nightly relaxation is playing games on my iPhone because it keeps my mind from going a million miles and hour so I can fall asleep. It’s an added bonus if I can manage to get a shower in ALL BY MYSELF!!! Oh and I usually fall asleep with my phone in my hand, I know, it’s a problem but I’m ok with that. :)

  • Posted By: Gina

    A glass( or more) of a good Cab! After the kitchen is clean of course! :)

  • Posted By: Renae

    after the little ones are in bed, hubby & I enjoy some quiet TV time to ourselves. No cartoons, no yelling or fighting between the kids. Before I know it, I’m sawing logs in the recliner!

  • Posted By: Sara

    If I make time to relax before bed, I enjoy reading a book or magazine. If Hubby is home, snuggling with him and catching up on the week is priority #1.

  • Posted By: Lindsey Litton

    I’m a bath girl. I take one almost every night during the cold months. Awe…

  • Posted By: hihi

    After the kids are in bed, I enjoy curling up on the couch and catching up on all my recorded shows from the week….or previous weeks! :-)

  • Posted By: Angela B

    Relaxing at the end of the day, like a technologically-updated elderly, I play Scrabble on our iPods with the hubbgy.

  • Posted By: Kirsten

    Because I am away from them most of the day at the office, the way I relax is to come home, hug my kids, and in mid-hug, sniff their hair. I know it’s a little wierd but there is nothing like their warm little bodies and their smell that makes the whole day face away!

  • Posted By: iwantacandle!

    After I get the little one to bed I like to watch one of my recorded shows that I am always at least a week behind!!

  • Posted By: Jodi

    Curling up with each child in their bed after books and listening to their thoughts of the day or what is floating through their minds. Love the alone time with each of them and it makes me very content and makes me feel very loved.

  • Posted By: Ashley Stephens

    Right now, my favorite relaxation technique at the end of the day is getting a foot rub from my hubby. Although my feet aren’t swelling yet, they sure do get sore from carrying this baby around! :)

  • Posted By: Erin Vermilyea

    Snuggling up to my long awaited little son and having our family hugs. All the stress from the day exits my body and I can breathe again. Love it!

  • Posted By: Lindsay

    Sitting in the bath after everyone goes to bed. I would like to say I stay up and read, but can’t stay awake that long anymore :)

  • Posted By: Molly Zastrow

    I love to snuggle with my kids, but sometimes I fall asleep and then don’t get anytime with my husband. I find it very relaxing to snuggle up on the couch and watch one of our recorded shows together.

  • Posted By: Dawn Pennington

    After getting good night hugs and kisses from my little ones, I love to relax on the couch with my hubby, catching up on recorded shows and doing some sewing or crocheting. Then a little reading right before I go to sleep, I am in heaven.

  • Posted By: Katy

    I love all of your responses! And am entering you all into the drawing!

    How fun it is to read that most of us curl up cozy with our loved ones and either read or watch DVR’d shows. What did we do BEFORE DVR? I have no idea. :)

    Good luck!

  • Posted By: Katy

    Oh yes, and don’t forget you can ALSO enter by posting something on MM’s Facebook wall!

  • Posted By: Lindsay McGowan

    In my non-preggo state, I am a glass of wine with hubby in front of the fireplace girl. During the knocked-up months, I love me some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream while snuggled in the best seat of the couch.

  • Posted By: Anna Gacke

    Chopping, dicing, and mincing fresh produce. I love that noise…

  • Posted By: Aubrey Wicks

    with 3 little kiddos running around and one on the way, I love being up early in the morn before anyone else wakes, make a cup of tea and just sit in the quiet, sometimes I read email or the paper, but the best part is that 15-20 minutes of pure morning silence.

  • Posted By: Laura Noble

    I love a glass of wine while reading a book or magazine.

  • Posted By: Christine Williams

    I like to sit outside right after I put the little ones to bed and clear my head before tackling the things I need to do before my bedtime.

  • Posted By: Lindsay

    UNO with my husband, a beer and a bouillon cube. That’s right folks a bouillon cube. I used to suckle those tasty guys as a child and nothing says “welcome home, you’ve had a hard day” like a nibble on a familiar salty snack.

  • Posted By: Danielle Liska

    Yoga! And in fall – sometimes lighting a joint, and sitting by the fire on the patio curled up in a blanket. Nothing clears my mind like leaves rustling in the wind!

  • Posted By: Camie

    Usually after the kids are both in bed and asleep (there is a difference!) I crash to the couch with my hubs. Amazing how we get up so early, go hard all day and into the evening and then once I sit down it’s hard to get motivated to do anything. If the hub goes to bed without me which is sometimes nice because I get that little quite time I love to pick up a good book. If there are any other mommymishmashers that have some reading advice would love it! Love Janet Evanovich- but have read the all now. thanks cmarshek@hotmail.com

  • Posted By: Vida

    As a single mom of two I think I forgot what the word relax is but I try to have some downtime by watching a tv show after the girls are in bed with a glass of wine and usually fall asleep in the middle of it.

  • Posted By: kelly cooper

    I hope I’m not too late to enter. Every night I turn my bed warmer on and snuggle up to read my book on my nook. I usually last about 5 pages before I fall asleep – that’s why it takes me forever to get through a book.

  • Posted By: Mandy

    This sounds kinky- but it’s not! I promise! My hubs and I take a tub for two. It was a requirement when buying our house that the master bath have a huge whirlpool type tub. We sit, we talk, we soak, we read eachother articles from magazines. It’s the way we wind down and a warm bath always makes me sleepy!

  • Posted By: Chloe

    I would have to say that the most relaxing moment of my evening is chilling after kiddos are in bed and reading my mommymishmash!!!!!!!!

  • Posted By: Katy

    I LOVE this! And you all, of course. Seriously, I about spit my coffee out this morning when I read one of my amazing readers smokes a joint to relax!

    You’ve all been entered…I am so excited to draw the lucky number tomorrow!

  • Posted By: superfanofKT

    Let me just say awsome! I love those candles. I relax at the end of the night by sipping on hot cocoa and reading a good book. I have always wanted a good candle for my house but never had the money to afford one. I might just have to splurg if I don’t win. : )

  • Posted By: mojoro

    After all the kiddos are in bed, I like to sit with my laptop and catch up on all my favorite blogs.:)

  • Posted By: Jenn H.

    When my daughter has finally fallen asleep beside me, I like to read by the light of my cell phone. :-)

  • Posted By: Christine Loren

    After kids are in bed (often times hubby too) I love to light the fireplace and snuggle up to a good book. It may seem strange but I love the cold weather, it makes the fire better. :) My hubby thinks I am strange for lighting the fireplace in the summer.

  • Posted By: Deb

    curling up with a good book :) or the latest Mommymishmash…

  • Posted By: Kris

    Curling up next to the Hubs with a glass of wine and either watching some House Hunters or reading a book. Bonus points for when we swap back rubs.

  • Posted By: Erin DuFrane-Woods

    I like to read a book while snuggled in bed or I play games on my phone until I fall asleep.

  • Posted By: Julie Lacina

    First I turn on the electric mattress pad, then fill up the tub with bubble bath, relax and read… then fall asleep in the warm bed! Every single (cold) night!

  • Posted By: Angela Calloway

    I almost spit my coffee out, too! Then I had to laugh quietly since no one is up yet which made me realize-I do my relaxing in the morning before everyone wakes. Super strong cup of coffee (spoon bending!) and a little computer time. Catch up on the world events, and of course, gmail and FB. A little meditation and planning for the day.I have to be nice and centered before all of the insanity begins around here! Plus-by the time they go to bed I have no relaxing left in me. I do my ablutions with them so when they are out, I go directly to bed, do not pass go. Zonk after 2 pages. Takes me forever to read a book!

  • Posted By: Ellen

    I hold Fatty McFatterson close, he turns back into a baby instead of a 30-pound wrecking ball, and listen to him breathe for 30 minutes. All the day’s stress goes away.

  • Posted By: Hillary

    Hot cup of tea and a book!

  • Posted By: Katy

    Congratulations Julie Lacina! You are the winner of a beautiful Rosy Rings Spiced Apple 200 hour Candle! YAY!

  • Posted By: Julie Lacina

    WOW!!! It is beautiful. Thank you so much! What a fun surprise to win! You made my day.

  • Posted By: Laurie

    Love the sound or should I say smell of this candle!!! My relaxation time at the end of the day is a long hot bath with a good book!

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