Jun 16 Wednesday

Hey Cancer, Take That!

Too many people I love are battling cancer. My nephew, Jack Jack the Super Kid, is one of them. It’s not an easy time for him or his parents. My sister and brother-in-law inspire me every single day. They have a tremendous amount of strength, positivity and an innate ability to create joy where it may be most needed.

Sometimes they need to hear that.

My gorgeous cousin, Dana, is battling breast cancer. Just being with her makes you feel good. She has full embraced her situation and makes everyone around her feel comfortable with her constant wisecracking, honesty and beautiful display of how life should be lived.

She needs to be reminded of that.

A loyal reader, and friend, of this blog has been battling the cancer, which has recently spread to her lymphatic system. Her spirit and determination make all of those who are lucky to know her a better person. I think about her constantly. And her young children. She is the epitome of grace.

It’s time she know that.

So I am sending them all these cards, made by Molly Lee on etsy.com. Paired with the perfect Roy Rogers stamps, these cards say everything I want to say. And more.

I couldn't say it better myself.

  • Posted By: Molly Zastrow

    Love this! Kicking cancer’s boo-TAY!

  • Posted By: Katy

    Molly Z – You deserve one too! You’re amazing my cancer butt kicking friend. All – Molly beat breast cancer an is walking in the 3 Day 60-Mile Walk for the cure in the Twin Cities this year! Yay Molly! Donate to a worthy cause and HERO: http://www.the3day.org/site/TR/2010/TwinCitiesEvent2010?px=5081209&pg=personal&fr_id=1473

  • Posted By: Molly Zastrow

    Katy, you are way too cute! I still need to pick up one of those t-shirts that says, ‘Cancer…you picked the wrong bitch!’ Hah!

  • Posted By: Melvina

    Clear, inmvofatire, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?