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May 27 Thursday

Cheeky Chalkboard Creation

As you know, I am obsessed with chalkboards. I have one in my kitchen, as a wall in my playroom and as kid art work adorning our living room walls.

After my last project, I had half a can of chalkboard spray paint ($6.99 at your local craft store) just begging to be put to good use.

Related: We are crazy about recycling. SuperHub is a wee bit of a hippie. Yes, we own a reel mower. Poke fun freely.

So as I was sorting our collection of glass jars to be reused, I thought, why not make a cute storage container for things that clutter up the house? Like crayons in the middle of my kitchen table. Or pens. Or salt. Or cotton balls.

My ulterior motive is end of the year teacher gifts.

I took painters tape and taped a salad dressing jar, leaving an opening all the way around the center. It was perfectly imperfect, just the way I like it. I shook the can 5 times as long as it took me to quickly cover the center of the jar all the way around.

After an hour, I applied another coat and removed the tape. After it was completely dry, I took a piece of chalk and colored over the entire surface and then erased it.

That is it.


We opted (for this week) to store crayons because the big red coffee canister of crayons perpetually cluttering up my table DRIVES ME BONKERS. Next week I might put my kosher salt in it and set it by my stove. I think I will write “just a pinch” on the jar.

Next week we will make more jars into vases. Cooper can write “Thank You” and fill them with fresh picked flowers for his teachers at school. Gifts that can be reused are the best.

And earth friendly.

So says this hippie.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

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May 26 Wednesday

Dinner Time Chatter

Me: Do you want Catalina or Thousand Island on your salad Maddy?

Maddy (4): I want Thousand-lina please.

Honeymoon salad

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May 25 Tuesday

Let us be real…

I have gotten more comments from readers on the Good Clean Fun post than any other photo (besides this one) that I have ever posted.

Most of these comments and emails had to do with how clean my kitchen was at the time. And of course, how cute little Maddy Rae Rae was in the sink. Because my little cream cheese filled babies are delicious. I could still spread them on a cracker and nibble them.

Dooooods, I have to be honest. My kitchen was not clean. I crop things out. Or stop snapping pics long enough to pick up and make things look more appealing. You know, the single arm swipe across the counter to scooch everything down. That way I only remember the good times in the photo and not how messy my house was in the moment.

Need proof? It just so happens I have it.

Let’s play spot the differences.

Good clean fun!

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May 24 Monday

He Says, She Says

SuperHub’s average voice mail (Length 4 seconds): Hi, it’s me, give me a call. Bye.

My average voice mail (Length 1 minute minimum): Hola, it’s me! Hope you are enjoy your day today! Two things, first I am so sorry that I didn’t get back to you sooner but yes, we would love to get together on Thursday. If that still works for you. Just let me know! If not, we can plan for another time. SHHHHH, Mommy is on the phone, sorry about that. No naps today mean I am escorting around two crabby kids today. Eeek. Lost my train of thought. Oh yes! And could you send me your recipe for that thing you made the last time we got together. It was SO good. Been thinking about it and I really want to make it for a BBQ we are going to this week. Ok well, have a great day! Call me. I will be on my cell until I get Cooper from car line and then I should be home. Unless we stop to play at the park. Oh, wanna meet at the park? Ok, call me. Bye. Love you. Bwhahahahahahaha, I just said love you. Habit. But I do really love you! Ok, for realz. BYE.

My favorite item in my kitchen.

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May 21 Friday

Food for Thought

With my new ass kicking workout schedule, I have to be conscious of the fuel I am putting down my gullet. Our trainers recommend a six meal a day plan and I will just say, that works for me. You don’t have to twist my arm to get me to eat often.

Get your surprised face on: I snap photos of almost every snack and meal. Hi, my name is Katy and I am a shutterbug.

So here is a snippet of some of the meals (& snacks) I have enjoyed, six days a week. One day a week I eat whatever I want. The more naughty, the better. And that day, I will not share.

Food ala Moi

Left to Right:
Beans Beans the Magical Fruit
Cottage cheese with fresh berries
Whole grain muffin with ham, egg & cheese
Ground turkey loose meat on a bun, sweet potato fries and grilled asparagus
Kick Aztec Chicken with Ranchero Beans
Lean beef loose meat on whole grain bun, cottage cheese with fresh berries, peas and fresh strawberries
Paco Pizza
Oatmeal with flax
Scrambled eggs (1 with yolk, 1 without) with salsa and shredded cheese
Beef and veggie stir fry
Baked salmon, green beans and sweet potato with cinnamon sugar
Turkey BST (bacon, spinach & tomato) on whole grain with corn on the cob (no butter)
Tuna, crackers and fresh sliced pear
Raw nuts with dried mixed berries
Mustard crusted salmon with fresh pear slices

Not shown:
Protein shakes with fresh fruit (chocolate banana or strawberry)
String cheese
Raw almonds
Roll-Ups – Whole grain tortillas, hummus, spinach, carved turkey, tomato, cucumber and carrots

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May 21 Friday

Tip O’ The Day

If you have to sneak into your kiddo’s room at 4 am, and you suddenly feel a sneeze coming on, RUN. Avoid sneezing in the room.

Related: Rainy days, when everyone in the house is up too early, make great nap days. For everyone. Including mom. And her sneezing schnoz.

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May 21 Friday

Good Clean Fun

Rub a dub dub, a cute kid in the...Sink!

I have taken thousands (& thousands) of photos of my kids over the years but a few of them make my heart melt just a little more than others. This is one of those of moments. Maddy, 5 months old, taking a quick dip in the kitchen sink.

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May 19 Wednesday


There are a few sites that I check every single day. This one, this one and that one. Oh and this one. The one I most often get excited over is

Everyday at noon, there is a delightful new item that is available for purchase at a special price.

More than any other website, I email my friends with a giddy “Oh la la, check this out!” note containing a link to my newest favorite item.

I have also given some amazing gifts, courtesy of Delight: A doodle frame, luscious lip balm and more reusable shopping bag sets than you can imagine.

So you can imagine my excitement when I got an email from Delight announcing the return of the Mystery Box!

A couple times a year, you buy a Mystery Box for $15, $25, $50 or $100 and they send you all sorts of surprise goodies.

It’s better than Christmas for me. Because at Christmas, I seem to always know what I am getting. This is a true, wonderful, genuine surprise.

This go around, I opted for the $15 box.

Yesterday my  hottie UPS driver, ever so cutely dropped an adorable little brown box on my doorstep.YAY! (On all accounts.)

It contained:
Pass the Salt Shaker – The pull back and go! Salt shaker
Joseph Joseph Magnetic Measuring Spoon – LOVE. No more digging through my drawer for my tablespoon!
A Kuhn Rikon paring knife – Super sharp, handy and again…The fun color makes it easy to spot in my utensil drawer.
Two Yummy Earth organic lollipops for the monkeys who were just as excited about my parcel as I was.

Retail value = Over $27.

I got some fun, new items to spruce up my kitchen (that I would have never bought for myself yet LOVE) for a great deal.

And if you ask me, that is perfectly delightful.

$15 Mystery Box

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May 18 Tuesday

Kicking My Boot(y) Camp

Boot camp is half way over. Five weeks down baby. I would by lying if I told you that my body has adjusted to getting up at 4 am for 6 day a week workouts. And yes, I am still sore. In places I didn’t know could be sore. But I am OK with the roaming aches because it means that I am getting stronger. And firmer. And healthier. And happier.

Every single time my alarm clock sounds, a loud husky voice inside my head yells “Are you prepared for the ass whooping you are about to receive?” No joke.

Two days a week, I totally am. The other four days I get up and pretend I am a ready. Pretty soon my body catches on.

At the five week test, I was able to more than double the amount of push-ups I could do in a minute to 54. I tripled the amount of sit-ups I could do. I took 2 minutes off my mile run and have lost inches all around my body. So far I haven’t lost any weight on the scale. I am OK with that because of what I have gained.

I have gained the ability to once again truly believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. (Including kicking someone’s butt should I ever need to.)

I’ve gained a life without chronic back pain. Or any back pain for that matter. I have visible muscles. For the first time in my life you can see my calf muscles.

It’s been a nice lifestyle change as well.  I start my days full of energy. Every morning after my workout, I hurry off to have coffee with my dad and other older gents. We read the paper, talk about life and argue over who is going to buy today’s cups of coffee and my post workout protein shake.

This whole experience has made me a better person. It’s become a way of life. So when week 10 is done, I am going to do it all over again. And again.

I am living proof that if you want to prove someone wrong, you can do anything you put your mind to. No excuses. You just have to decide to do it. And have someone to prove wrong, even if it’s just yourself.

Note to You: My partner in crime, Sara, (the friend who got me to commit to this boot camp while under the influence of alcohol) has dropped 8.5 inches and can do 35 sit-ups in a minute. ROCK STAR.

Hell yeah.

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May 17 Monday

Backseat Wisdom

A little girl and her mom were driving in the car. A stupid driver almost hit them leaving the mom to blurt out “You stupid f*#king driver!”

Silence from the backseat.

Girl: “Mom, you don’t say that word. It’s a bad word.”

Mom: “I know, you’re right, I should not have said that.”

Girl: “Yeah Mom, we DON’T call people stupid!”

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