Jan 15 Friday

Happiest of Birthdays

Today is my 31st birthday.

I must say, it’s been the best one I have ever had.

That is a bold statement.

My 10th birthday was tough to beat. My parents made me feel so special. My best friend came over for a slumber party and was I was completely spoiled. The presents included a denim jacket, Peaches N’ Cream Barbie, camera, film and a Bangles cassette of the single “Eternal Flame”. Crazy cool.

Last night, SuperHub hosted a surprise party in my honor and I WAS SHOCKED. I walked into a room expecting a casual dinner with friends and instead found it filled with a sampling of my favorite people in this world.

All I could say was “Thank you” followed quickly by “I will have a vodka soda with two limes, make it a double!

They presented me with a Favorites box. Each person wrote their favorite thing about me and put it in the box. Oh my. It will be among my most treasured possessions.

My birthday wish is that everyone can have a birthday as special as this one has been to me. To feel so loved, get a healthy dose of humility and a renewed appreciation for the wonderful people who make each day of your life so special.

Thank you.

Makes you melt just a little, no?

  • Posted By: Molly Zastrow

    awww, that is SO sweet Superhub! Yes, I know you read the comments, too. Even when they aren’t about Von Maur! :)

    Katy, enjoy the rest of your night. Have a glass of red wine!!

  • Posted By: Jenni

    Happy Birthday!

  • Posted By: Mimi

    Happy Birthday!

  • Posted By: pets

    Happy Birthday and very best wishes Katy!

  • Posted By: Katy

    Thanks Molly! You are right! :)

  • Posted By: Katy

    Thanks Jenni, Mimi and Pets! It was a wonderful day.