Jan 13 Wednesday

Decorating (Oxymoron) Style

Cooper and his dog, Sophie. By Cooper BrownOxymoron [ok-si-mawr-on] – a figure of speech by which a locution produces an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect.

Confession: That definition used two words I don’t know how to define. Or use properly in a sentence.

What I do know is oxymora best describes the decor of our house. To me, it simply means contradictory. We have beautiful baskets filled with (sandy) shoes. We hang vintage style hooks on a finished oak board and use it to hang up bath robes, backpacks and bras. Yes, bras.

It’s the reality of living with kids. You sacrifice style for function to certain degree.

You just have to get creative. Especially when you have a small, ordinary house.

I love our humble abode. This house has been a labor of love. We purchased it almost 4 years ago in an effort to simplify our life and downsize. SuperHub and I don’t live our life to impress, we live our life to suit our fancy.

My biggest decorating challenge has been our living room wall. As my mood changed, so did the location of our couch. I knew I needed something on the wall, I just didn’t know what. In a room with no character structurally (a big rectangle), it’s tricky.

I decided it would be a great idea to commission my three favorite artists for custom artwork and display the pieces in fancy frames. It just so happens, my three favorite artists are my kiddos.

A couple years ago, I painted a wall of our play room with chalkboard paint. And so my love affair with chalkboard paint began.

So, I took 3 (11 x 14) canvases and spray painted them with the chalkboard paint, two coats. Then I waited for a sale on 16 x 20 size frames. Our local craft store often does 50% off sales. I found 3 frames that went well with our color scheme for $24.99 each after discount. Then I chose a complimenting color of matting and had them custom cut 16 x 20 with a 11 x 14 opening.

Then the fun began. Each kid got a turn to sit at the kitchen table and create their artwork. We put them in the frames, SuperHub hung them on the wall and voila! It’s done.

The supplies, SuperHub's math to hang the frames evenly and art by Maddy & Sam.

Finally, you can tell we live here.

It feels a little fancy but is completely realistic. Plus, we can change it as we please! We can celebrate birthdays, holidays, display tiny hand outlines, whatever we feel like that week. At Christmas, we will use green and red chalk to create special holiday art.

Awfully pretty. Agree to disagree. Accidentally on purpose.

The finished look.

  • Posted By: Kellie

    What a great idea! And it really does look nice!

  • Posted By: Katy

    Thanks Kellie! It’s much more fun than a plain gold wall. And the kids are super proud. Who wouldn’t be? These little gems are fabulous. Cooper’s arms contain habitats (bumps) for all his “pets”. It makes me happy just to sit and gaze their creations.

  • Posted By: hihi

    I’m going to do this! Thank you for all your great ideas!

  • Posted By: Katy

    hihi – Yay! Send me a pic when you’re done. Would love love to see your outcome. Happy creating! :)

  • Posted By: janan rustan

    I knew we had a connection. I am totally obsessed with chalkboards and have them all over my house. I turned our kitchen table that I did not like anymore into a “chalkboard” table and the kids love it! Your kid’s artwork display on your wall is fabuous!

  • Posted By: Mandy

    Super cute! I almost bought the chalkboard wall clings at the Children’s Museum yesterday- and now I think I will :)

  • Posted By: Katy

    Janan – You just keep getting better. :) I was wiping off the kitchen table yesterday and actually considered doing the same thing! I bet it’s SO cute! What fun for your boys!

  • Posted By: Katy

    Mandy – Yes, you should! The possibilities are endless. You can use them in the kitchen, bedrooms, walls, wherever! Functional has never been so cute.

  • Posted By: Ashley

    We are doing an entire chalkboard wall in the playroom. You have some amazing artists/children that I love dearly!!!!

  • Posted By: Annette

    super awesome!! you rock!

  • Posted By: Katy

    Ashley – It will be so much fun for your kiddos! And you and J. :) oxo

  • Posted By: Katy

    Annette – Aw thanks doll! You too. oxo

  • Posted By: kelly

    I’m totally copying this idea!!!! I’ll call you to come see when I finish, but that may be a couple of weeks.

  • Posted By: Mimi

    I love it!