Jan 14 Thursday

Baby Talk

Every time I see the commercial for “Your Baby Can Read” my insides twist up a little. Did it ever occur to people that maybe we don’t WANT our babies to read? Clearly, there are some people who do but I would much rather let my baby be a baby.

They are cuter to me when they are blissfully unaware, happy, drooling little blobs. They have the rest of their lives to be quizzed, bothered and over stimulated.

Quite truthfully, while I encourage my kids to develop skills in their own time, it is tough to lose the ability to communicate with SuperHub by spelling out words.

P  A R K?

I C E C R E A M?

Q U I C K I E?

As Cooper’s reading skills improve so do his spelling skills. I think it’s time to learn sign language.


  • Posted By: Meleah

    Law enforcement 10 codes work marvelously for us. I’ll give you a list of them and you can assign the appropriate actions to the codes. :)

  • Posted By: Katy

    *YES!* (Complete with arm pump.) I so love having cops as friends. asdfjkl;

  • Posted By: Angela Burer

    Katy…never fail to make me laugh! I love this! :)

    Meleah, oh please do share those codes!!! Peter has almost figured out pig latin! :(

  • Posted By: Danielle Liska

    Ha ha ha!!! This cracks me up! My parents used to speak to each other in French and/or Italian… it worked on my brother and me until we were about 5-8. Luckily we had an older sister who was wise enough to encourage us not to mention that we had picked up both languages and they no longer could speak “privately” in front of us!!! Kids are so smart!

  • Posted By: Sara

    I’m 10-41. Wanna 10-25 for a 10-69 at 10 minutes past 10-36?

  • Posted By: kelly

    I completely agree. Once they learn to read you have to watch out leaving lists around the house – xmas gift list, bday present lists, ect…
    for a while we were able to write in cursive, but Anabelle learned that this year (3rd grade) – damn schooling! We can still use pig latin, but after a long day i’m not so swift with that.

  • Posted By: kelly

    katy you need to forward those police codes to me too!!! that would be great – can you post them to your blog? or would that be a big 10-no?

  • Posted By: Ashley

    Seriously every time I see that commercial, it makes me feel like a horrible mom because I don’t have it…..however, that feeling goes away quickly when I hear a big belly laugh come out of Aaden. Happy Birthday in t-minus 4.5 hours!! XOXOXO