Dec 03 Thursday

Higgy Stanford Brown

I see you.Our Resident House Elf, Higgy Stanford Brown is back.

Thank goodness.

Truthfully, I love the holiday season because I can use lines like “You had better get in bed AND stay in bed because Santa is watching!” and “Uh oh, I see Higgy, you had better do as we say…”

It’s mean and I do not care. Not one tiny little bit. It saves my sanity, even if just by a hair, on days when I am out of ammunition and out numbered by little people.

Higgy has been with us for three years and we are most grateful. He uses his elf magic to fly back to the North Pole each night and give Santa a full report on the goings on with the Brown kids. He has magic to see them anywhere they are and hears every word that they utter. Even mean words in the car said only when Mom steps out of the car for a minute. The kids whisper him their Christmas wish list, secrets and the occasional bribe.

Each night, when Higgy returns, he hides in a new spot where we have to find him the next morning. If he doesn’t move, it’s because he liked the view from where he was. Or maybe someone fell asleep on the couch and forgot the drill before stumbling to bed. Or maybe someone touched him and his Elf Magic was tarnished.

Wouldn’t you know it, after a particularly trying week this week, Santa sent the kids a letter via the House Elf Express. Thank goodness SuperHub discovered it in the driveway. He even drove over it. The letter told of all the good things Higgy has reported to Santa and also some not so great things that have been going on here and at school. There is no way that SuperHub and I could have known some of the things in the letter, which made it even more magical.

I was surprised that upon reading the first few sentences, both kids began to profess all kinds of naughty behavior that we REALLY didn’t know about. We sat, suppressing laughter, and talked through the imperfections. Thank goodness for the reminder yesterday as there are only 22 more days until Christmas. It only takes 21 days to break a habit…

If you don’t know your house elf, you should introduce yourself and get acquainted. You don’t have to get The Elf on the Shelf, just grab an old figurine or get a dollar store doll. Make your own rules. Start your family tradition.

Or just use it to get your kids to behave.

Note to You: Order Elf on the Shelf from for $24.99 and get free shipping when you spend $25. Need one more item? I suggest a great book!

Where is Higgy?

  • Posted By: Molly Zastrow

    I love this idea and all the confessions that it brings from the kiddos. Great idea!

  • Posted By: pets

    Sounds as if one might need a year round elf!

  • Posted By: Mandy

    Higgy resembles a certain Moellering household resident known as “Red”…yesterday Max volunteered to take him to Buffalo Wild Wings, I think it was a bribe!

    Must see if the House Elf Express contains any mail for these current inductees of the naughty list!!!

  • Posted By: Hillary

    I remember this from a long-ago blog…I think we are now ready for our own elf! :)

  • Posted By: Katy

    Molly – You need one. They are fantastic.

  • Posted By: Katy

    Pets – This idea has been tossed around. :)

  • Posted By: Katy

    Mandy – I love it! I am sure Red and Higgy have carpooled to the North Pole together a time or two.

  • Posted By: Katy

    Hillary – Yup. :) You do need one! Evelyn would love it!

  • Posted By: Lindsay

    This just may be the trick… because the whole “Santa is watching” is not the least bit effective. Cale could care less because he can’t SEE Santa anywhere so there’s NO WAY Santa can see or hear him! :)

  • Posted By: Katy

    Then you ABSOLUTELY need one! The kit comes with a book but you could pull a doll or figurine down and start tomorrow. :) GOOD LUCK!

  • Posted By: Amy

    I am using the elf that my parents used when I was young. He is worn, tattered and a much lighter shade of green…however, he gets his point across. In my house he is up all year round and he works. I love Elf.

  • Posted By: Jules

    I told my kids that our smoke detectors are also Santa’s cameras. It totally works. Not only is there one in every room of our house, but they are in everyone else’s house AND in public!

  • Posted By: Katy

    Amy – Year round, huh? LOVE THAT. He sounds amazing. :)

  • Posted By: Katy

    Jules – GENIUS!

  • Posted By: Conterra

    I am getting one before it’s to late!