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Jan 21 Wednesday

Your Kids Have Been Watching Too Much TV When…

Originally posted January 21, 2009.

“Hey Mom, can we get Fun Slides? Pllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaasssseeee? The man on the TV said that you must be 18 years old to call and order. Can you please call and do that?”

Cooper, Age 4

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Jan 20 Tuesday

Return Of Me

Originally posted January 20, 2009.

In my absence from bloggity blog blogging I have done the following:

Turned 30.

Survived a temporary lifestyle adjustment to single parent and nurse wife. SuperHub ruffled his cape with another back injury. He returned to work today and I am grateful. While I love SuperHub down to the tips of my toes, 11 days of non-stop togetherness is enough to make me climb the curtains.

Got a new camera for the abovementioned birthday.

Hid SuperHub’s wallet 3 times. (After the purchase of my camera of course.) The medicine used to manage his back pain should have a warning on the bottle. Warning: Online shopping while under the influence of this medicine may be hazardous to your checking account.

Taken 1,054 photos of my kids. SuperHub propped up on the couch. The dog. Repeat.

Assisted the completion of every puzzle in the house. All of which are mysteriously missing two pieces.

Provided kisses, hugs and cuddles to a rotating supply of patients who have had croup, colds, Strep and the dreaded “It’s just a virus. There is nothing we can do.”

Replaced the box of Kleenex 4 times. The dog ate 1.5 boxes herself. I know because I busted her with a mouthful and I am on pooper scooper duty. Let’s just say they aren’t exactly digestible.

Prepared and served 35 meals, 30 snacks and done countless sinks of dishes.

Escaped to Von Maur once. For 12 minutes. And spent $143. That might be a new record. Even for me.

Made PlayDoh. Played PlayDoh. Removed PlayDoh from hair, kitchen chairs and the dog’s fur.

Filled 163 tippy cups with beverages made-to-order. Found 5 of those tippy cups after a week lost at sea. I am pretty sure I discovered the cure for the common cold in the bottom of one of them.

Removed 10ish inches of snow using a snow blower and shovel. SuperHub stood watching longingly from the front window. I even got a little giddy in my hitch and walked the duration of our block on the sidewalk. It was just me. On a walk. With my snowblower. Blowing snow.

Mastered my art of booger snatching. If you have kids you understand.

Perfected my Chicken Parmesan, Peanut Asian Chicken and Oven Fried Chicken recipes. Chicken was cheap at the store. We are about to grow feathers at our house.

Cluck. Cluck.

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Jan 20 Tuesday

Quote of the Day

Originally posted January 20, 2009.

Cooper was walking swiftly around the basement, staring at his compass watch on his arm.

“Am I heading towards HOT or COLD Mommy?”

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