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Jun 11 Wednesday

Quote of the Day

Originally posted June 11, 2008.

MOM, there is a little tiny baby bumblebee that died in the pool. OH,
he must not have known that he isn’t WATERPROOF!”

Cooper, age 4

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Jun 08 Sunday

The Wrong Way To Tell Your Prego Wife Her Butt Is Getting Big…

Originally posted June 8, 2008.

On a recent family outing to the pool, we got uber hungry. Like you need food now and the kids are on the verge of tears from the hunger pains. Or you are. It’s all post photo

So we drive to Sonic.


SuperHub: “So what do you want?”

My big bad self: “A Super Long Chili Cheese Coney Dog.”

SuperHub: “Seriously?”

Me: “Yup.”

SuperHub: “Why don’t you try the grilled chicken wrap instead? It has lettuce. All I have seen you eat today is ice cream and cereal.”

Me: “Grrrrr.”

SuperHub: “Ok, let’s order, you talk.”  *pushes the button*

Me: “Two corn dog Wacky Packs with milk please, a grilled chicken sandwich and…What do you want?”

SuperHub: “A double Super Sonic Jalenpeno Cheeseburger, tots and a cherry limeade.”


SuperHub: “But I am hungry!”

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Jun 04 Wednesday

Text Message of the Day

Originally posted June 4, 2008.

Unidentified Person A:  Where was the Fun Zone located?

Unidentified Person B: In my pants.

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Jun 03 Tuesday

Wisen Up America

Originally posted June 3, 2008.

Suggested courses that (I think) should be taught/passed  before high school graduation:

How to successfully change a toilet paper roll, including recycling of old inner tube.

What do we do with our dirty clothes? From the hamper and beyond.

There is no such thing as a dish fairy. Practical guidelines to follow to ensure health and happiness of all kitchen users.

Parking lot driving: The ins and outs of keeping your foot off the gas pedal.

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