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May 26 Monday

This Magic Moment

Originally posted May 26, 2008.

This was the weekend of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

It might have something to do with my obsession with clearing out clutter with the help of and cleaning stuff up to sell. Or maybe it is because I hurt my back (ow!) and Super Hub has stepped up to the plate with everything from housekeeping to meals.

Nonetheless, Super Hub had never used a Magic Eraser before and I was loving showcasing one of my all time favorite cleaning products.

Tonight we were busy spiffying up a table that a fellow Craigslister was buying. In our old house, it had come to rest against a freshly painted wall, leaving it with a semi-permanent spot of fire red drywall.

Matt scraped off the drywall while I chipped away at the paint. No dice.

Me: “Hey, why don’t you grab the Magic Eraser?”

SuperHub: “You think that will take this off?”

Me: “It takes off everything. It’s magic.”

Thirty seconds later he returned and starts rubbing the sponge on my shirt.

Me: “What are you doing?”

SuperHub: “Nope, you’re wrong. It doesn’t take off everything.”

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May 21 Wednesday

Because I Said So!

Originally posted May 21, 2008.

Sometimes, as a parent, you find yourself saying things that make no sense to anyone outside your little bubble of reality. You might even get that “You are nuts woman” look from people who have no experience with kids.

Especially in public, on an airplane or at the park you end up saying some off the wall things to your kids.

Here are some doozies that have come out of my mouth and stuck in my brain in the last few weeks:

No, don’t shake that, put it down please, that is someone else’s pee! (Reason #34 not to take your 2 year old to your monthly pregnancy check-up.)

No growling at people in public. Please and thank you!

What is in your mouth? Did you pick up a cheese cracker off the floor? We don’t eat off the floor unless Mommy says so.

Poop is not for touching. Ick.

Don’t touch each other ever again!

I don’t understand the words blah, tooter or stinkybutt. Try talking to me again in a language I do understand.

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May 10 Saturday

OMG Moments

Originally posted May, 10, 2008.

Only your sister will tell you, as you are waist deep in the ocean, that your bathing suit top is completely see through.

She will probably be laughing hysterically while she tells you this because she gave you this swimsuit and no one ever bothered to tell her that you could see all things going on beneath the pretty pink detail.

At that moment, stuck facing an apparently see-through walk back to your umbrella, you decide to own it.

If you are going to give them a show, you might as well look happy doing it, right?

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May 06 Tuesday


Originally posted May 6, 2008.

Super Hub ever so patiently is teaching Cooper how to play Uno.

For a 4 year old, this is not an easy game. In fact, the box says “Ages 7 and up.”

Cooper: “Which card do I put down now Dad?”

SuperHub: “You have an 8 and a 1, put down the bigger number?”

*Holding them up side by side to compare*

Cooper: “Oh, they are both the same size!”

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