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Apr 28 Monday

Chocolate Milk

Originally posted April 28, 2008.

We took a day trip to Kalona, IA today. It was splendid. We got snacks at Stringtown Grocery and cheese from the cheese factory.

On the way there, we drove past a field of black cows.

Me: “Cooper, do you think black cows make chocolate milk?”

Cooper: “NO Mom! That’s silly.” *giggles*

Me: “Yeah you are right, I am just teasing you.”

Cooper: “Mom, chocolate milk comes from BROWN cows!”

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Apr 03 Thursday

Drama Comes Full Circle

Originally posted April 3, 2008.


That is the best word to describe my two year old Madelyn Rae Rae. I have no idea where she gets it. She likes to wear high hells, a tiara and be called “Rae Rae Sha Nae Nae.”

She is 30 some odd inches of pure Broadway.

A couple days a week after preschool, I watch my niece Tierney (Tutu) who is also quite theatrical for her young age.

Today they were playing house. Tutu was the mommy, Cooper was the baby and Maddy was the big sister. Somehow I think Cooper got the short end of the stick (or Tutu needs a parenting lesson) because he spent most his time locked in the dog’s kennel.

I was in the kitchen whipping up something fancy for dinner when Maddy let out a blood curdling scream, accompanied by a loud cry and then another scream. “Help Mommy, HELP!”

Go go Gadget Mom.

When you hear a cry of this caliber, you run. My veins filled with panic and I was going through my mind to figure out where the closest phone would be to call 911. I round the corner to find Rae Rae Sha Nae Nae standing there decked out in a cape standing in her doorway.

She sees me and stops on a dime. Calmly she says “No, you’re not mommy, Tutu is mommy.” Then she resumed her melodramatic role in the game and began to bellow.

This is a child with a future that may just include an Academy Award.

Seriously. Drama.

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Apr 02 Wednesday

PedEgg Preoccupation

Originally posted on April 2, 2008.

Every so often, I see an infomercial that intrigues me.

So I see this egg. PedEgg.

It’s actually quite a disgusting infomercial to watch but if you are like me, you can’t bring yourself to turn the channel.

The PedEgg is like a cheese grater for your feet. Literally, they show it peeling the skin off an orange.

I shuddered when it ended and went about my day, not daring to order such a repulsive little piece of gadgetry from TV.

On a recent trip to Walgreens I spot this nasty little egg at the checkout.

I buy it. Mostly to make Matt laugh.

So late that night I decide to PedEgg my feet. Holy cow. This thing works. Like really really works.

So next I convince Matt to please please please let me grate at his feet. The poor guy has thin skin and I make him bleed twice in the first few minutes. Oops.

It is like a pumice stone on steroids. Instead of grating away at the stone, it removes the tough skin from your feet, revealing soft supple skin underneath. Or bloody flesh. Don’t worry, you learn fast.

My feet are as soft as they were after long walks in the sand in Jamaica. Only this bad boy cost me $10 instead of $4k.

I am sort of a fan now. Not super fan, but fan. I won’t go around buying them for anyone for gifts, but I might keep a secret stash of fresh blades in my linen closet.

Warning: The egg top does separate and can cause skin spillage. I won’t go into detail but after a great foot session on myself and super hub there may have been a spill which resulted in my screaming “EPITHELIALS!” and him dashing for the vacuum to rescue me.

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