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Nov 19 Monday

Text Message of the Day

Originally posted November 19, 2007.

Message: Would you eat a place called Beef-A-Roo?

Reply: No. Not if you have to spend time in a car afterwards.

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Nov 13 Tuesday

Mini (Van) Version of Hell

Originally posted November 13, 2007.

Again, I have to say, I am a shoo-in for the Mother of the Year award.

Our car is in the shop so I am stuck driving around a loaner. Not just any loaner but a kicky little mini van. I am so not a mini van person.

No offense to those of you who drive them. They make sense for families, get good gas mileage and have tons of space. I get that.

I still will not drive one. Unless absolutely necessary.

So, this morning we pull up to preschool. As petty as it sounds, and I know it sounds shallow but whatever, I parked as far away from school as possible and even made us a few minutes late in hopes no one would spy me in my new set of wheels.

People, this mini van isn’t a sleek new one. It’s old, smelly and you can hear us coming a block away.

The reason I am dodging spectators this morning? I can not get the stinking sliding doors to close without some serious pulling and maneuvering. I look like I get into a fight with the van, and let me tell you, the van puts up a good fight.

We make it across the parking lot and coincidentally, everyone else seems to running late today too. Go figure?

I drop Cooper off, set Maddy down and chit chat for a few moments with the teacher about his limping issue. Yes, the poor kid is still limping from “the crap” he had on Thursday night, also known as a cramp. The doc assured me he is fine so we are just dealing with it.

Preschool moms rule and I start chatting with a friend. Our conversation moves across the room and out to the driveway.

We chat for maybe 10 minutes before I realize that I am missing something. Someone. MADDY!

I stood there staring at the mini van, dealing with my little head issues about driving it and for the life of me could not remember where I had last set Maddy down. Did I forget her in the car? Nope, the classroom.

I bolt back in and the teachers are grinning, “You forgot something!”

From across the room I hear “Moooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmyyyy!”

Issues? I think so.

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Nov 05 Monday

Quote of the Day

Originally posted November 5, 2007.

“Mommy, you are the best Mommy in the WHOLE HOUSE!”

Cooper Brown
Age 3

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